Recently, a parent of one of our students shared a blog about art and business. I was very fascinated in learning that business is a relevant part in art education. The blog indicated that universities are recognizing the need for entrepreneurship courses as part of art education programs. The parent said, “I just love this article and the possibilities it illuminates! And I was so reminded of Carrie, reading about merging the passions of art and business, which is what she beautifully does in her very successful and purely wonderful visual art education offerings. We are proud to have Carrie’s leadership setting a fine example in the art education of our daughter. Thank you!”

Not only do I appreciate the compliment, but also it has continued to encourage me. I am passionate about all aspects of my art business and being the artist as well. It requires me to continually prioritize what is important to the success of the business, the art community, to my family and to myself.


Being an artist and a business owner requires almost opposing personal qualities and skills and can be confusing at times. As an artist I practice being in the moment, and take pride in developing sensitivity to all things interesting and beautiful. It is a wonderful way to discover and experience life. However, making a living as an artist requires the need to exercise a business sense, requiring more left-brain thinking. A business includes management, day-to-day activities, marketing, accounting and planning, leaving less time for “my artist”.

I realized over the last six years in business that the most important tool for being a successful artist and businessperson is time management. Prioritizing and blocking time to accomplish priorities is an on-going task that requires discipline to the business and dedicating time to be the artist. For many reasons, artists like myself tend to put “blocks” before their creative process. The balance is important to carve time for both “the artist” as well as the business.

The beauty of being in the art business is that there is so much passion generated when helping others create art! I applaud all the “Artrepreneurs” for finding the balance between their business and their artist.

— Carrie

AUTHOR: Creative Color Art Studios