The Young Vincents program offers art fun, art education and art parties for children ages 6 to 12 and TEENS. Plan a creative Kids Birthday Art Party or encourage your child’s young talent by enrolling them in After School Art, School Holiday Art Classes or Summer Camp. Children gain art skills, appreciation and build confidence through dynamic curriculum and enriching art classes guided by skilled instruction.

Young Vincents Mission:

To inspire and enhance creativity building artistic confidence in young artists through dynamic, educational curriculum in a supportive, positive environment.

Kids Art Gallery

Young Vincents Philosophy:


Drawing is a teachable, learnable skill developed by first learning how to see. The mystery of drawing ability seems to be partly about one’s ability to make a shift in the brain to “see” things the way they really exist using the Right Brain. Drawing classes are designed primarily to develop observation skills and keen awareness of environment and to learn how to process new visual information. “Learning to see” and practicing value shading, contour and gesture drawing using a variety of mediums including graphite, ink, pastels and charcoal affords students a solid foundation for building art skills.


Painting is an incredibly enjoyable experience because of it’s expressive nature. Learning the fundamentals of painting and expressing oneself at the same time builds confidence and self-esteem. Students learn basic skills as well as advanced techniques while creating acrylic paintings and watercolors of various subjects.


Artists enjoy experimenting and exploring with new materials, mixing media, and generally discovering new ways to express themselves and their ideas. The studio provides a variety of materials and supplies to create a wide range of art pieces including sculpture, collage, mosaics, hand-made cards, weaving and items that may be inspired by current events or a good find of discarded objects.