Creative Color Art Studios



Please bring a sturdy field easel, French easel, or pochade box with a tripod. Choosing the perfect set-up is a personal choice. Check out art supply websites and educate yourself. If you need help deciding, I am happy to advise!

Please call or email me.  480-478-8121 or




The easel/pochade box list above all include palette mixing areas. Some are wood and some are Plexiglas. I suggest treating a new wood palette with linseed oil.  Do not use white, disposable palette pages. If you prefer using a palette with a lid, I like Masterson palettes.




Traditional oil and open acrylic paints are welcome. I use mostly gambling oils. Other suggested brands are Winsor Newton, Holbein and Utrecht.

A painter’s palette is a personal choice. Beginners can choose to use the Limited Palette which will be easier to mix, but will limit color ranges. Extended Palette uses a range of colors that involve a ‘warm’ and a ‘cool’ hue from the primaries – yellow, red, blue and green, and two earth colors.

Limited Palette

Titanium White

Cadmium Light or Medium

Viridian or Permanent Green Deep (depending on paint brands)

Ultramarine Blue

Alizarin or Madder Lake


Extended Palette

White – Titanium White

Yellows – Yellow Ochre (earth color), Cadmium Lemon (cool), Cadmium

Light or Medium (warm)

Reds – Burnt Sienna or Transparent Oxide Red (earth), Alizarin, or

Madder Lake (cool), Cadmium Orange (warm) or Cadmium Red Light

Greens – Viridian or Permanent Green Deep (cool), Sap Green (warm)

Blues – Cerulean Blue Hue (cool), Ultramarine Blue (warm)



Brushes are an important tool for the artist, but you don’t have to break the bank! Bring a few cheap ½ inch and 1inch cheap brushes from your local hardware store. These are great for laying in underpaintings and textures.


Bring about a half-dozen, high quality brushes ranging from sizes 4-10. I prefer filberts and flats. If you are working with traditional oils, I suggest using bristle brushes. If using acrylic paints use synthetic bristle brushes. I like the synthetic Princeton Aspen or 6300 series or Rosemary brushes, Ivory series.




Primed canvas panels, or gessoed hardboard panels in a variety of smaller sizes ranging from 6×8, 8×10, 9×12. Plan to paint 2 paintings a day. You can go larger if you choose.


Traditional oil painters can paint on either oil primed or universal primed gessoed supports.


Acrylic painters should only paint on acrylic or universal primed gessoed supports.




Palette knife (Handy for mixing and cleaning palette)

  • Empty, clamp-lid container for Gamsol (mineral spirits) or water.
  • Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel for olis
  • Paper Towels
  • Hat, sunscreen, water bottle, snack